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    Climate Change Depression and Why It Matters

    January in Canada is not supposed to be like this. Tulips in my garden are coming up because they think it's spring. There isn't an ounce of snow on the ground, and you'd be perfectly fine going outside wearing only a light sweater.   Read More...

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    Coping with a Broken System: An Idealist's Lament

    Since 2016 is just around the corner, I thought I would write about something that I've been struggling with for a while. I'm an idealist at heart, which tends to make everything more complicated and nuanced. Why am I bringing this up?   Read More...

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    How to Stay Focused and Productive When Working from Home

    If you work from home like I do, you know the struggle is real. When you commute to work, your life has clear divisions; a place to work, and a place to come home to. That division no longer exists when you start working from home.   Read More...

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    So...How Much?

    How much does a website cost? This is the most frequent question I get when I tell people I'm a web designer. You can find someone on Craigslist who promises $100 websites, or agencies that charge five figures for one.   Read More...

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    New Article on Women's Prospects

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I am now a contributing writer for Women's Prospects - a blog for female entrepreneurs. My new article, 5 Herbal Remedies for Stress Relief, is hot off the presses! Feel free to share and let me know what you think!   Read More...

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    Writing for Women's Prospects

    You may be wondering why I've been a little quiet lately. Well, don't worry - I haven't forgotten about you. I recently started writing for Women's Prospects, a blog that focuses on the needs of women entrepreneurs and small business owners.   Read More...

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    5 Easy Ways to Green Up Your Business

    Sustainability is something we should all aspire to, especially as small business owners. However, how do we get there? What can we do to make a difference?   Read More...