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    The Dangers of Greenwashing: A Case Study

    Like an increasing number of people, I go out of my way to find environmentally-friendly products. I care about what goes into and on my body, purposefully limiting the chemicals used in my home as much as possible. During my searches for organic cane sugar, or natural, paraben-free shampoo - I often find a few (or many) products that are part of a growing trend known as "greenwashing".   Read More...

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    The Importance of Intention

    If you're anything like me, sometimes the best you can hope for is to just get through the day. Your schedule is blocked off with work, deadlines, meetings, and commitments you know you should follow through on. It can be incredibly demanding, and sometimes that morning cup of coffee needs to be reheated about 1000 times before it is inevitably left forgotten by the sink.   Read More...

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    Lessons from the Montreal Canadiens' Twitter Disaster

    If you live in North America (particularly in Canada), you probably heard about the Twitter faux pas the Montreal Canadiens dealt with this week. To celebrate reaching one million Twitter followers, the Canadiens' PR team decided to create a campaign with auto-responders. Followers would receive an automated response including videos and messages from the team.   Read More...

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    What Does Responsive Mean?

    If you're doing anything web-related these days, the term "responsive" come up a lot. Even though responsive design is now a standard practice, most people still don't know what it means. The best analogy I've ever heard for this involves water.   Read More...

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    New Article on Women's Prospects

    Do you want to make your business more environmentally-friendly, but not sure how? I just finished another article for Women's Prospects - offering simple, actionable tips to get you started. You can read the article here.   Read More...

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    The Wisdom of David Bowie

    I was totally stunned when I heard the news of David Bowie's death on Monday. I couldn't believe it. Bowie was one of those unique cultural icons you couldn't imagine life without.   Read More...

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    Climate Change Depression and Why It Matters

    January in Canada is not supposed to be like this. Tulips in my garden are coming up because they think it's spring. There isn't an ounce of snow on the ground, and you'd be perfectly fine going outside wearing only a light sweater.   Read More...

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    Coping with a Broken System: An Idealist's Lament

    Since 2016 is just around the corner, I thought I would write about something that I've been struggling with for a while. I'm an idealist at heart, which tends to make everything more complicated and nuanced. Why am I bringing this up?   Read More...

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